whittingham | no photography allowed
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I remember when all this was buildings....

Well, actually, I donít. We just found this huge expanse of tarmac and weeds. Obviously something large had been there. And, luckily, I had a black and white aerial shot of the hospital, which showed what had been there.

This used to be the St. Margaretís Division, a huge collection of ward blocks and buildings. Now completely demolished and gone. This was even bigger than the collection of wards Iíd first passed on my way to the hospital.

So, thatís one third of Whittingham completely demolished. A shame.

(The black and white photo: The building to the top right is the small set of cottages we first walked passed. We then proceeded down the path running horizontally from right to left, passing the red brick house - still in the upper right corner, and then to the Nurses' Accommodation - the large building to the top left. Everything below has been demolished.)