whittingham | no photography allowed
04|04|03 & 07|04|03

We walked around and up, past this rather odd looking building. It looked vaguely industrial, either an engineering block or workshop.

Other buildings were located around this side of the hospital, and were all in use - light engineering workshops by the look of it. Located within the courtyards of these buildings was the remains of the hospital railway station, which had a single line to Gimsgargh.

We were still confused by the “No Photographs” rule. Guards at Severalls had seen me take photos, but didn’t seem to mind. And I asked permission at Cane Hill and Rauceby - the guards were perfectly happy with a few pictures being taken. What was the problem at Whittingham?

Anyway, we obeyed security’s commands, but although photographs are prohibited, nothing was said about not publishing them!