west park | secret

The lofty Airing Courts, the Victorian taking of fresh air, will be replaced with "Urban Squares", yet another meaningless phrase (neither squares nor urban are they) to attempt to rub out any connection with previous use. More meaningful phrases i.e. "garden", "green space" obviously being far too sensible, accessable and understandable. Furthermore a square denotes four sides, by confining open space and enclosing it, it requires more building to hem in and enclose all greenary.

Facilities for young people's recreation (roller blading or skateboarding park) will be discussed; obviously having lost the old asylum to hang out in, explore, smash up and/or set fire too will left the youth of Epsom with little to do.

Below: Amazingly despite being next to the Main Hall, these BTH projectors survived the fire. They're old pieces of kit, pre 1960 (when the BTH name was last used) and everything in the room appears to be contemporary to them. The projects are so old they use arc lamps to provide light; packets of copper covered carbon rods could be found around the room.