west park | secret

Constricted by five guides (Surrey Structure Plan, Epsom District wide Local Plan, Planning Policy Guidance Notes, Surrey Design Guide and Sustainable Residential Quality), the local council hopes to keep everybody happy to create a vibrant and mixed scheme for the 21st Century. Perhaps the new scheme will last longer than the Victorian's hopes and aspirations for healthcare in the 20th Century.

Below: West Park boasts an extensive tunnel system but there's no access to the tunnels from the wards themselves. Luckily, or unluckily for the person involved, someone's fallen through the floor, giving access to this hidden level.

Pratical jokes abound, even around the tunnels. A patient's shirt has been hung in the tunnels, a ghostly apparation which has scared several people who've ventured down there.

Ventilation of the main hall was rather novel. A huge belt-driven fan was used to pump air through tunnels to the sides of the hall, which exited through ducts at ground level. To control the volume of air, two revolving metal doors could be adjusted to completely block the flow, or allow as much air as possible.