west park | secret

The conversion is, effectively, the usual: residental (homes in wards, homes in airing courts, homes shoehorned in, one bed to five bed, 40% affordable making 60% unaffordable), a hotel (same plan as St. Crispin, 100-120 beds, 4 star), conference centre (the Main Hall would be useful, but that's going... but read on and they realise their mistake), a business centre in the listed and cracked Water Tower (I hope they like stairs), open spaces and car parking.

Below: A trip up the claustraphobic and cramped Water Tower. The internal stairs were coiled tightly, skirting up one side of the water tanks, which were still full and gurgled and dripped. Occasionally a door would look out over an expanse of metal and water. The stairs eventually stopped at a window.

A few months later the water tower was drained and emptied.