west park | mental illness

This looks like some form of bathing apparatus - but I didnít spend anytime in this room - something else caught my eye.

"The strange bath was opperated so that it tilted into the upright position, the patient was walked backwards into it and then it was lowered back through 90 degress to the prone position, then filled with water." - Barrie.

"In fact the long term care facility for the developmentally delayed persons, that I work in as a Nurse Manager, has one [of these]. The door, that is raised up to the left in the picture, allows for the patient to step directly into the tub and sit on the moulded chair. It is then brought down and the silver handle locks the door in place creating a waterproof seal, allowing you to start filling the tub. The tub is then moved to a flat position so that the patient is reclined and immersed in the water. On our particular tub there are jets on the side and floor of the tub that produces a spa like tub for one. In looking at the picture you have I was unable to locate the jets. - Kim.