beedingwood | following the footsteps of john harris

We left the eastern end of the house, not willing to venture further, since it featured the nasty modern extension. Moving past our original entrance, we entered the western most rooms, finding a similar tale of decay and destruction. Remnants of the original wallpaper hung in patterned frames, torn no-doubt by bored vandals and idiots.

Now, if I was a ghost hunter, I'd be getting extremely excited about the enormous orb-of-doom. But before I start getting too comfortable and blaming the effect on dust, dust or dust, I was recently told the following:

"Possibly the most interesting thing is that Beedingwood is haunted. Whilst I was inside stepping from rafter to rafter my wife called to me and said I'd better get out immediately, she had seen a figure on one of the floors above me wearing a nightrobe and nightcap and carrying a candle, except of course there are no floors and she could see the bottom of their feet where the floorboards were missing. She saw the figure on three occasions when looking through the windows of the building. I'm presuming that the candle and clothes would date to the earlier years of the buildings use, perhaps the Reverend E.D.L.Harvey never really left?" - Straightedge Dave