great barr hall | lunar eclipse

I believe that Bovis Homes have now purchased the site, allowing the whole of the Great Barr estate to be open to development.

The curse that Lady Scott whispered to the sapling tree as she planted it was:

I plant this tree with some aversion,
As nature controls her own reversion,
When reversion is completed,
All Bateman-Scotts will be deleted.
Whoever cuts or harms the tree,
Will likewise suffer some adversity.

So, good luck Bovis. I think you’ll need it.

And why not take the Great Barr Hall: Then And Now Tour?.

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"No mention was made of the last remaining Lodge Gate on the Birmingham Road to Walsall. Ten years ago it was in good condition, nicely boarded up. There was a great wooden gate with spikes on it. - Peter

Figure #45: Great Barr Hall | Exterior


"I was up at Great Barr House yesterday, and l took these photos there has been no work on the house since 2008. The security guard said it was up for sale at £2.5 million plus 50 acres of land. There is absolutely nothing left of St Margaret's Hospital, Bovis have covered the site in apartments, flats and houses."

"The old nurses homes in the Duckery have ALL been taken down and Bovis are planning to build on this area."

"The only two lodges left have been sold off." - Peter