whitefields/uplands | I knew I should've turned the gas off

The story, as total by the locals, was that both houses were earned by a millionaire, who'd made his fortune in the Cambridge electronics and computing industry. However, after falling out with his wife, or girlfriend, he felt compelled to burn all his properties to the ground.

Due to the low hanging branches of the trees, the fire bridage couldn't get their appliances up the drive, instead having to drive them slowly along the ajoining field.

Therefore both houses, and the owner's collection of cars, burnt to the ground.

"The burnt out cars stacked up would not suggest somebody with a lot of money - a Talbot/Toyota on top, Mazda 626? middle and a Volvo 340 on the bottom - any self-respecting rich man would not be seen dead in these, they were probably set on fire on the site to claim some insurance money, or so I would have thought! Interesting to have a mystery of sorts anyway." - Nick

Figure #7: Whitefields