pyestock | your guess is as good as mine

A white board in the corner of the room caught my attention. Ruled into margins, and written in neat block capitals, the last runs and tests of the air compressors in the Air House could just be discerned. Scrawled over the top, in multicoloured pens (some permanent), were the barely literate scrawls and signatures of visiting "urban explorers." As their deranged signatures got bigger and bigger, later explorers chose to scrawl over the top, creating a multi-layered log of infiltrators and dates. Sometimes urban explorers will sign a guest book, but discretely and in a non-damaging way; blackboards are favoured as they are non-permanent. But the sheer number, and overflated egos of this bunch of explorers, had created a massive "We Were Here" sign which was instantly visible to anyone entering the room. Having left my signature at various places (including blackboards at Aldington Prison and Wheal Jane Mine), I decided never to do so again if this was the inevitable conclusion.

Further inspection revealed every book, every cover and almost every whiteboard covered in signatures. One in particular, "Catboy", was well named; as a stalking tom, hed left his spray everywhere: from chalk on every visible surface to permanent marker across VDU screens. Idiot.