pyestock | your guess is as good as mine

We’ll never know who, or what, we heard. We moved slowly down the stairs, and peered gingerly down the "brown corridor". No-one was there. Quickly we made our way across into the loading bay, down the concrete beds of the huge compressors and out through the loading bay doors. We saw, and heard, no-one and back outside quickly breathed a sigh of relief.

By now, back in the sunlight, we’d regained our nerve and decided to check out the weird "fan building" opposite. Oddly it appeared to be made entirely out of wood and some broken and missing slats allowed us to get inside. It was our first disappointment. The building appeared to be of wooden frame construction, built over a water filled reservoir. And that was it. Tom, however, wasn’t happy with this, so decided to take the exterior steps and get onto the roof. I was more apprehensive as we were in full view of the Air House and whoever was in it, but this seemed a good opportunity. There wasn’t much to see on the roof however, except the huge fans themselves, and I was worried that security would clock us if we leant over the parapret to get some shots of the entire site. Some hurried low shots later, we were scurrying back down the stairs and away onwards towards the next building east.