pyestock | your guess is as good as mine

It was a frustrating exercise. All the doors to the various loading bays around this building were sensibly locked shut. Interesting subterranean steps lead into blocked and short pipe runs, full of greasy black water and rusting metal. Door after door were solid and peering inside revealed nothing but darkness. We methodically continued, stepping through puddles, and vaulting more pipes, trying locked door after locked door. We eventually reached the end of the building and a service road.

Peering around revealed nothing. The road didnít look overgrown nor pitted, but seemed to be in good condition. So I didnít want to spend any more time than necessary on it. Therefore we slid around the corner of the building to a glass door which revealed a concrete stairway behind it. One tug and it opened! Thankful for our good luck, we quickly slipped inside, up the stairs and into this building.