pyestock | your guess is as good as mine

Id now moved outwards, and was contemplating the vast array of orange painted switchgear in the gloomy pit below the control room.


Two people approached us, moving down one of the side galleries. A man and a woman. And the awkward conversation of two sets of strangers started until the question was asked:
"Are you from the forum?"
"The forum?"
"28 days."

This was something Id never been asked before, nor had considered. In the past, explorers were associated with their own websites, or their own monikers. It was the first time I was asked about a forum. But still, it relaxed everyone; mention of 28DaysLater put us all on the firm foundations of being urban explorers. Everyone relaxed.

It turned out we were asking to be discovered. Having walked through a puddle along a concrete path outside, our tale-tell footprints lead into this building and were a dead giveaway for anyone in our wake. Our two fellow explorers were on their second day of discovery at Pyestock, having spent much of the previous Friday roaming over the site. I asked if theyd seen anyone else. No. Interesting, given the huge amount of interest, I expected it to be crawling with people. Hopefully its popularity had lulled.