pyestock | your guess is as good as mine

After a couple of hours, we moved out of the dank cold building and back into the sunlight. Pyestock stretched out in all directions, further huge buildings and structures waiting to be explored. After a brief discussion, we decided to move due east, to a building which looked partly finished. An elegant rectangular roof was suspended over a ferocious mess of pipes, ladders, wiring, ducting, walkways and gear; it was as if the building’s contents burst out, or the whole thing was never finished. Still uncertain about the security presence on the site, we tried following a huge pipe in its own ditch as it turned under the roadway and emerged in a similar culvert fifty yards away, only to be confronted by a solid brick wall. In the end, we ran across the road and into the wire-enclosed compound of this building, desperately trying to find a way inside this beast; if there was a way inside.