pyestock | your guess is as good as mine

We ended up taking narrow ladders higher and higher over this beast, but couldn’t find anything tangible inside; or even if there was an inside to this mass of metal. Our elevated position allowed us a view over the north east of the site, a new vista we’d not previously seen.

"That’s a security hut."

Over in the corner of the site was the familiar shape of a gatehouse: low modern single storey building, large windows, barrier down across the road in front of it.

"Oh shit…"

If we could see them, then there was always the chance they could see us. As quick as we could, we scampered down the narrow catwalks, having to take off backpacks as the vertical ladders were so narrow, awkwardly clutching onto cameras and equipment. We exited the side of the structure and scurried down the western flank before disappearing back into the pipework at the front of the building, under the huge roof. If there was a way inside, I really wanted to find it now. If security emerged from his hut, it’s unlikely he’d want to poke around anywhere inside.