pyestock | your guess is as good as mine

I pulled out my camera; the battery was too low to even attempt flash and I only had a number of shots left. Attempting long exposures and light painting with the torch yielded poorer and poorer results. I was initially confused as my previous efforts in the corridor in the Air House had worked – why not now? I cranked up the ISO on the camera but it was still poor; I simply wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Gradually I realised my problem as I continued my attempts; the light from the torch was now starting to fail, and the once powerful white light was dying to a yellow impotent beam as I watched. Great. The batteries were failing on the torch as well.

Luckily I had a back-up, a small LED head lamp which I use for emergencies and hands free work. Any attempts at photography were now finished, and so we pushed on, exploring for exploring sake, simply to get everything mentally mapped for a return visit. A cursory look around this control room found walkways behind the control panels and another void beneath the floor; with its 1950s electronics, Pyestock was big, clunky and very maintainable.