pyestock | your guess is as good as mine

Tom found two wooden doors at head height and opened them; light streamed in and we scrambled out into the guts of the testing cell. We’d been safely entombed for half an hour or more, so any cursory patrol by security would’ve missed us. Finding a small walkway, down into the cell, we disappeared again into the bowels of the pipework. And walked straight into a CCTV camera.

“Oh! Damn!”

Except it was pointing down at a slightly jaunty, drunk angle. And was covered in green algae. And was obviously connected to the wiring of the cell itself. In a word, it was completely dead. It would appear that the tests done here required the engineers and scientists to observe everything via CCTV cameras as they hid away in their bunker of a control room. Despite it’s weird appearance, and cramped conditions, this was another wonderful example of the sheer variety found at Pyestock.