pyestock | your guess is as good as mine

Even our approach was more systematical. From other explorer's pictures, and descriptions of the site from the developers, I realised the key to the northeastern section of Pyestock was the Air House, one of the largest buildings on the site. I had pinpointed its location and was eager to start determining its structure and functionality (something which was impossible from other pictures on other websites). From there, we would work eastward, to try and determine the scope of Pyestock and get some initial understanding of what could be found there. Furthermore, from the developer's brief, there were mention of "test cells"; I now believed wed partially explored two of these cells during our last visit and I was eager to discover the others, and start giving them their correct names.

Before entering the Air House, there was the small problem of finding Tom whod suddenly completely disappeared. Not willing to shout, I waited quietly, anxious to get started in the Air House. Eventually he reappeared having taken a look at part of the buildings wed previously explored. After a further delay of climbing ladders to get some higher views of the site (although in reality we were simply taking elevated views of fields of pipes), we both tried to make our way to the Air House. This wasnt as simple as it sounded; our route was blocked by gullies, concrete ditches, pipes, and overhead gantries twisting turning and suddenly branching off in unexpected and unwanted directions.