pyestock | your guess is as good as mine

Tom disappeared again and I thought he’d gone back outside as I couldn’t lose him in a concrete bunker. Turned out I had; the dark patch on one wall was actually a huge cavern. Finding my LED headtorch I disappeared into the darkened void, encased in a concrete mausoleum, a tunnel that doglegged and turned out of sight. It was pitch black but eventually I found Tom kneeling beside some plastic bin liners propped up in the corner. Two were full of old bulbs; fluorescent and mercury discharge bulbs by the look of them. The others were stuffed with documents red-stamped "Secret."


It appeared that sensitive documents, and more sensitive rubbish items (such as the bulbs) were simply piled up in the exhaust vent and incinerated; it did save time and money as there were no shredders and visits to the dump. Unfortunately someone forgot to switch on the turbine for one last run. Such lapses didn’t concern me; we’d often found odd things in sites, and this was pretty standard. And considering the sheer number of files, folders, test runs and data lying around the place, this small cache of documents didn’t seem all that significant. We left it where we found it; either an arsonist would burn it, or it’d be lost when the block was demolished.