pyestock | your guess is as good as mine

I quickly found a crane gantry and proceeded to climb awkwardly up the vertical ladders, along a gantry, up and over the crane itself and finally onto the wooden walkways across the length of the room. This made me somewhat nervous; I was fine on metal, but the wood was something else. Plus there was the sheer drop into the loading bay below. Carefully and slowly, I methodically photographed the turbine hall in front of me, capturing one of the iconic images of Pyestock for myself. In the meantime, Tom busied himself with other parts of the Air House, remaining out of sight and compiling a list of "you’ve got to see this" places.

We were both still slightly jumpy. Interest in Pyestock was high and we expected to bump into someone else. The Air House was the site’s current magnet, the inner sanctum which drew all explorers, the place where meeting other people was most likely. Despite this, and after an hour of climbing around, everything remained quiet and still and we relaxed more.

Tom emerged from the side rooms we’d been exploring: "You’ve got to see this control room."