pyestock | whatever you just pressed, unpress it!

Our first task was to find a room to have lunch in. I suggested the Computer Building as it would, at the very least, have a few chairs and tables. Tom agreed. I also suggested it would be a good time to finally find Monk's Tunnel, which connected the Cell 3 and Cell 4 tunnel to the Computer Building. Tom agreed again. So we directly made our way to the underground passage I'd fallen down the previous trip. And it allowed me to get some shots of the danger zone as well.

Our first attempt to find Monk's Tunnel led us in a circle around a locked room in the basement of Cell 4. "Hang on. This is the back of a control panel." I got my torch and shone it through the window of the locked door; and there it was, the control room of Cell 4. Wed found it at last, completely accidentally.

As time was pressing and we were getting hungry, we left the Cell 4 control room for another day, and retraced our steps through the tunnel back to Cell 3.

After some adventures in a small switchgear room, and a false start in a flooded plant room, we opened a door to complete darkness which was concrete lined, straight and with a myriad of cables disappearing into the gloom. Wed finally found "Monk's Tunnel."