pyestock | down, down, down! car!

"Simon, this is the most boring building at Pyestock." Tom mooched around the empty shell of the New Fitting Shop and (I have to admit) it was dull in comparison to the rest of the site. It was simply an empty shell of a workshop (complete with gantry crane) and various small offices to the east and south. Even the wheelbarrow had a flat tire.

Wed finished lunch in the Plant House and spent about half-an-hour photographing its interiors. I was interested in photographing all the aerodynamic and combustion chambers and spent an uncomfortable five minutes trapped in one of the combustion cells after the door swung shut on me. Id then suggested a building to the north of Cell 1 & 2 which wed never looked at before; and after spending a couple of minutes in there, I was now realising that it was rather bland.

Even though he was exasperated by the workshop, Tom found several things to amuse him. A television with an aerial made from a coat hanger and a penis shaped fungus enlivened his spirits. So, we were in a good mood when we made our way to Cell 1 & 2 and the previous encounter with the mute group in Cell 4 Annexe and the sightings of security were swiftly forgotten.