pyestock | down, down, down! car!

We moved back outside into the hot sun and disappeared into the area north of the Air House, admiring how the Buddleia could grow through the tiniest cracks in concrete. After a short conference we decided to skip Cell 3 and move onto the majesty of the more compact Cell 4. After making this unanimous decision (which wouldíve kept us together) we all split up. Alex had forgotten his rucksack so returned to retrieve it from the Air House; I waited for him; Marlon and Strangely Brown went onto Cell 4 via a new pipe entry which Marlon had discovered; and Tom quietly ducked into Cell 3 for some quality lone exploration of his own. I was pleased that the group was starting to separate a little; five people all together was just a little too unwieldy.

Alex soon reappeared and it was time to do some actual exploring. "Thereís a tunnel somewhere between Cell 3 and Cell 4" I explained. "I donít want to go in through the window as we normally do. I think thereís a more fun and dignified way." The blades of a nearby helicopter started to cut into the silence. "And I donít trust the helicopters around here either."

I noticed the door to a small lab building was open and quickly ducked in. The helicopter got louder but we were safely hidden. We quickly covered this dank area, finding nothing more than an abandoned laboratory of sorts, but a corridor to the back of the building looked interesting.