pyestock | down, down, down! car!

Cell 4 was oddly silent as I was expecting the others to be there. As non-one else was around it meant I could get some more shots of the huge testing chamber. I quickly showed Alex the best position from which to capture the huge room and then slipped inside the beast itself: time to start photographing the immense chamber inside. Whilst on a catwalk buried inside the main chamber, I noticed dark pipes descending into the bowels of the machine, each equipped with internal welded ladders. It was too much to resist.

Once Marlon and Strangely Brown had reappeared, the three of us edged onto the metal support struts of the catwalk, across various pipes and finally onto the mouths of the pipes themselves. It was now pitch dark and we only had the light of our torches to help guide us down the acutely sloping pipe. Our imaginations ran riot, imagining the pipe leading to a subterranean world, but after a few meters of descending we came to a T-junction at the pipe's base. This new horizontal running pipe was capped at either end after a short distance and probably only sat at the base of the machine. Perhaps we were now reaching the limits of Pyestock and by pushing our explorations further we were starting to hit dead-ends. We emerged dusty, dirty and disappointed but the rest of Cell 4 was such a wonderful experience that it hardly mattered.