pyestock | down, down, down! car!

I left the others to it and returned alone to Cell 4. I could hear the muffled cries and eerie calls made by the others as I climbed gingerly down to the floor of Cell 4 to further explore its northern side. After previously studying my photographs of the map Id found, I was intent on finding the Number 9 Exhauster which was located in the functionally named Cell 4 Annexe.

A network of stairways and catwalks lead to a doorway in the northern wall of Cell 4. A single row of grimy windows set above looked dark; not light as Id have expected if they lead outside. The door opened into a dark, quiet, cavernous room which Id never seen before. I was standing at the base of another turbine plinth, the Parsons turbine rising up into the gloom. Id found it.

I returned to Cell 4 to find the others but they were still in the pipe. Whilst waiting, I busied myself with some shots of the basement offices on the south side of Cell 4: weird stairs that terminated mid floor, empty rooms and white-boards covered in graffiti. Unfortunately there was still no sign of the almost mythical Cell 4 control room and my search was cut short by the noises of the others emerging from the air main.