pyestock | recce

We were only starting to get to grips with the site. As many initial explorations go, our route was becoming ever more random, spurred by what we saw and could reach, rather than by any methodical or sightseeing approach. But we were gradually gaining some familiarity and experience with one small section of the site, and it made sense to build on that, rather than blindly rush around the rest of the location.

“What about going back to the building we passed? It’s probably four times the size of the one we’ve just explored?”
“Good plan.”

We rested for a while under the burning sun, drinking in the sights, and taking plenty of cool, fresh water. At a point during an explore, we’d normally rest, drink and eat something and just enjoy the ambience. Apart from a short break, it also allowed us to simply listen and observe, again allowing us to judge if any security guards and/or explorers were in the area. But it was deadly quiet and calm, the temperature now at its maximum, heated by the afternoon sun.