pyestock | recce

Tom and I froze as noises emerged from the spine corridor. Was that footprints? Was that someone talking? We listened, and suddenly the wonder ceased, and the whole place became very still, quiet and threatening. Moments passed. Given all the false alarms we’d had previously scared ourselves with, we were becoming quite wary and tired by the frights we were giving ourselves. After a minute we relaxed slightly, and I turned my attention to the small gantry running around the edge of the windows and whether I could get onto that that for a photo.


Jesus! That wasn’t any metal expansion. Now wide eyed, there was no attempt at being quiet. We both rushed to the exit.


It sounded like someone was smashing something to the east of the room. There was no need to discuss our strategy at this point, it simply didn’t require it. Our experience dictated one course of action: we legged it.