pyestock | recce

Our nervousness wasnít completely untoward. We had already experienced the adrenaline rush of almost being caught whilst picking our way towards the building we were safely hidden in. Half an hour previously, we were traversing an array of piping which densely snaked and coiled throughout this part of the site. The best way forward was to duck under the larger ones, and straddle the smaller ones, so we were noisy but relatively invisible. It was then we heard the unmistakable noise of boots on concrete.

Within seconds, Tom and I hid in the mass of pipes, concealing ourselves by lying in a dried-out concrete sump under a pipe run. We were motionless and quiet, straining our ears. *Click* *Click* *Click*. We lay motionless under the burning June sun. *Click* *Click* *Click* Neither one of us dared to peek up, a head appearing above the parapet being an excellent giveaway. *Click* *Click* *Click* It sounded like someone on the concrete path near a neighbouring building.

For five minutes we baked in the relentless burning sun listening to all the clicking and weird noises around us. Trying to be as quiet as possible, I found a water bottle and took a sip. Ears straining, we listened intently at the billowing silence punctuated by the odd clicks and strange noises. Slowly it became apparent the noise wasnít going to stop, and if this was someone walking, then they were literally marching on the spot. Finally, and another gulp of water later, I gingerly peered over the concrete rim of the sump and surveyed the scene. *Click* *Click* *Click*. I blinked the sweat out of my eyes and dared to breathe again. ďTomĒ I whispered, ďI think itís the metal. Itís all expanding around us in the heat. I donít think thereís anyone there. Or there isnít now.Ē Slowly we stood up and gingerly made our way to a more enclosed area; the whole area was clicking and banging, a weird quiet cacophony of metal easing and expanding in the temperature. Unnerved, we decided to get inside somewhere fast, and so we picked a building and tried to get in.