pyestock | recce

Whilst we knew a tiny part of its history, and a little about the security, there was also the slightly tricky situation of finding the location, and getting in and out again. Studying maps and aerial views of the site suggested easy, discrete places to park, and various potential infiltration points. On the day, it didnít go as smoothly as hoped, as I took the wrong exit off the motorway, and ended up getting lost in Farnborough. Of course, this is all part of the fun of initially finding a site without the aid of a guide, and is character building stuff. Eventually we found our car park (after a whistle-stop tour of a housing estate as curtains twitched while we reversed down cul-de-sacs) and dived into the quiet woods.

Eventually after a while meandering through bracken, using a faded and creased black-and-white Multi-map print as guide (and lamenting the lack of a compass) we emerged into the bright sunshine and an enormous field. It was swarming with walkers, joggers, dog-walkers, picnickers, model airplane enthusiasts, playing children, screaming children and the great British public having a lovely day out. Little did they know that the two men striding purposely across the field, and secretly lost, had a more subversive idea in mind than a spot of relaxation.