pyestock | something old, something new

After a brief diversion onto the roof, we decided to strike out and expand our knowledge further. Rather than continue our exploration of Cells 1 & 2, we crept down to the front of the Plant House and tried to determine which road was active, where the van and other parked cars were, and which buildings were still in use and which were derelict.

It was difficult but in the end we plumped for a long, dilapidated building which required a quick run across and along the road. Keeping an eye out for security, and listening intently for traffic, we darted out of the shadows and intro the full sunlight. Several seconds later, we disappeared into the gap between two buildings.

It was overgrown and grassy; the elder bushes threatening to take over, the grass pushing through the cracked tarmac. The building to our left was clearly completely empty and some of the windows were cracked. We’d guessed correctly, found further dereliction, and were under cover. The only problem was getting into the building itself. None of the windows were open, and the doors were shut or padlocked. As we worked our way down, we found a large concrete shed, empty expect for some props and some children’s toys. Simple store room, nothing to see.

I’d soon covered the length of this building and had yet to find a way in. Reaching the end I peered around nervously. Whilst not exactly lost, I had no idea where I was within the site, and everything was new and alien. A brief look revealed an empty car park, a Fire Station and the most bizarre concrete pylon I’d ever seen.

A couple of shots later and I was ready to continue on to the Fire Station (after Marlon and Tom had finished recreating a Grand Prix using a wooden jump, a child's tricycle and a ludicrous sit-on digger with working bucket.)