pyestock | something old, something new

The sheer amount of noise emanating from the turbine hall of this building was extremely off putting. With the bangs and clatters echoing through its expanse, we concluded there had to be people inside. But the doors were locked and the windows were frosted so we couldn’t see nor get in.

Creeping past we slunk into the darkened ground floor of the brick blockhouse, pausing to find torches and lights, eyes adjusting to the darkness. Huge cable runs, some cut, revealed a rat’s nest of power distribution. I began to put two and two together; this amount of power perhaps suggesting we’d found our power station. It would’ve been a successful day if we found both our targets.

Our way further was blocked so we found another open door, this time on the second floor. A lone instrument panel stood in the room, further doors and corridors lead into the gloom. The left hand room was a battery store, all the glass batteries still wired and ready to spring into action. The other room continued into pitch darkness. After finding torches again, we moved past further instrument panels until we found ourselves behind a circular bank of electrical panels. Light streamed in from an unseen door and we moved around this arc of metal before finding a small corridor disappearing between cabinets. This was a tiny semicircular passageway which curved back, internally, within the panels we’d previously circled.

Finding ourselves back where we started, we walked around the back panels again, and this time moved towards the light.