pyestock | something old, something new

As Marlon and Tom busied themselves with the crane, I took photos of the lower level and then ventured outside to figure out my bearings and put the building in context. More of Pyestock stood before me; Admiralty Test House, more cooling towers, more buildings. Due north was Battle Test House, impressive and packed with pipes and valves. We had come as far as other explorers, yet Id never seen any other of these buildings featured.

Wed reached the limit of explored Pyestock. From here on it was all completely new.

A few minutes later, the atmosphere changed dramatically as Marlon, Tom and I wondered what to do as the black helicopter slowly circled overhead. I moved back, along the corridor to the glass walkway between the two parts of the Power Station to listen to the helicopter above, and roughly work out its position. As I reached the walkway I was able to peep around the corner and watch the black machine slowly drift over the trees to the south of the site.

And then the roar of the engine and the chop of the blades lessened as it turned towards Farnborough and gradually disappeared. Perhaps it was simply destined for the airfield and had circled for a while. Or perhaps wed been seen? But it was definitely time to move on.