pyestock | something old, something new

The day had been one of excitement and complacency; of satisfaction and frustration. I think everyone was pleased to finally start hitting the bounds of the site and start putting the whole place in focus. Furthermore the discovery of the planes and Power Station were important icing on the cake.

But it had also been frustrating. Marlon and Tom had spent a fruitless day battling with their cameras. Marlon was further despondent whilst trying to unload the film from his ancient analogue camera and discovered that it didnt require winding back had he taken any photos at all with it? We stopped taking the mickey at that point.

The day also featured our first real drama at Pyestock, rather than the imagined footsteps and noises of previous trips. I doubt well ever know who the mysterious person in the Air House was or if the helicopter was actively searching for someone or idling circling before landing at Farnborough.

It suggested we should be more careful in the future, but for now we were immensely satisfied with our day.

"By cutting a diagonal slash across Pyestock, from the north west corner to its south east boundary, wed discovered the extent of the site and nicely divided it into two for further explorations."

"Although we revisited Number 10 Exhauster, Cell 3 West, Air House and Plant House, our deviation from our previous routes allowed us to discover the Fire Station, Main Stores and Power Station. Plus Battle Test House and Admiralty Test House were firmly put on the map for further explorations."

"It was a busy day at Pyestock with at least one other group of explorers creeping around. Our next exploration would feature the biggest group yet and we would target the buildings (such as Battle Test House) wed only partly seen this time."

© Simon Cornwell 2008