pyestock | something old, something new

"Why don’t you go up on the roof?" At the end of the corridor a ladder lead invitingly through a skylight onto the roof. I was going to try it later but I wanted to take a look through some of the last offices. They had all been stripped but the view was magnificient: it looked over the former Fairways Transformer Park towards another huge building stuffed full of pipes and ductwork (which I later discovered to be the Battle Test House). Like almost every building at Pyestock it was huge, unique and intriguing.

The old metal framed windows wouldn’t budge. I was trying to open one as they were too dirty to take a photograph through. Overhead the whir of a helipopter's blades started to cut through the silence. We’d heard helicopters before and I always assumed they were en-route to Farnborough airfield which was next door. But these were loud. And getting louder. And suddenly I really started to worry.

I ran back to the corridor. "Guys, get off that roof..." Marlon and Tom were still in the corridor, eyes wide, listening to the chop of the blades which were now overhead. "How low is that helicopter?"

I sneaked back into the front office. The helicopter roared over, very low, and then started a slow arcing turn over Battle Test House to face the Power Station. It was fitted with a huge search light, was jet black and bore no markings. "This doesn’t look good."

I bolted back into the corridor where we all stood motionless and listened to the growl of the helicopter as it arced around the Power Station and passed slowly overhead again.

All the messing around with the crane was completely forgotten.