pyestock | something old, something new

This was my fourth trip to Pyestock and I was really looking forward to it. The weather was going to be fine all day, albeit a little windy, but excellent for photography. Tom, of course, was half an hour late so we were delayed for our meeting with Marlon in the car park.

There was the usual dilemma of how to approach the site. Given the good light, I was anxious to re-take some of my previous photographs especially the sun-setting through the Air House. We also wanted to show Tom our discoveries from our previous trip, namely Number 10 Exhauster and Cell 3 West. And everyone was anxious to find the Power Station and the building with the plane in it. From viewing other explorers' pictures, and tallying them up with my own knowledge of the site, and assuming such postings were sequential, I had a vague idea of where they might be. But it was generally agreed to go south and deeper into the site.

Soon we were in "no-mans' land": the rough scrub between the perimeter fence and the buildings proper. It wasn’t the best of locations to be in as some of the windows from Sigma overlooked our route, but it was a significant distance away and worth taking the risk. However, we weren’t prepared to see someone actually standing outside Sigma.

"Shit, there’s someone there. Freeze."