pyestock | something old, something new

The lone figure turned and disappeared from view now hidden behind Number 10 Exhauster.

In the meantime, we'd taken the opportunity to dive into a large laurel bush which conveniently stood between us and Number 10 Exhauster.

"Who was that?"
"Don’t know. Doubt he was Sigma. He walked into Pyestock itself. Must be security."

We peered around the bush but saw nothing through the visual cacophony of Pyestock. We weren’t going to give up in the slightest.

"We’ll give him five minutes and then move on." If he was security then he’d be on his rounds and simply waiting would mean he’d be out of the area. It also helped that the buildings were clanking and banging in the wind so our footsteps would be drowned out. After an uncomfortable wait and a quick run later we found ourselves in Number 10 Exhauster.

The light was superb although it was a little more noisy then usual. The whole building echoed and banged; the easterly wind whipped up the loose metal panels and slammed them back and forward. Although a little unsettling, it offered us lots of protection; any noise we made was covered by the bedlam around us.

I was quickly up the stairways and along the gantries, taking repeat shots but reaping the benefit of the better light. After ten minutes, I noticed something: "Marlon, where’s Tom? Did he come in?”