pyestock | something old, something new

I didn’t want Tom wondering around outside looking for us with a potential security guard on the prowl. I quickly gathered my items together to go out and find him but Marlon offered a much better solution: "I’ll call him."

With Tom duly directed back to our location, I moved back into the control room to get my last shots and practise some close-up work. Through the door of the control room, I could look into the glass lined stairwell opposite Sigma: their doors were open and there were several cars in the car park. Obviously very active.

I quickly and quietly worked around the control panel taking several replacement shots and many new ones. As I did, the door from the stairwell behind me slowly opened. My thoughts were rapid: Who the hell is this? They’ve come in from the Sigma side. Get ready to have a good explanation for being here. Oh ...

It was Tom.

"Have you just walked up that stairwell in full sight of Sigma?"
"Bloody hell."
"Anyway, do you want an ale?"

It was one o’clock and I’d already had my nerves tested. A drink would be wonderful thank you. So after having our nerves shattered, and now a tepid ale, we were far more relaxed. In fact, considering we’d almost walked into someone already, we were quite brazen. Back into the warm sunshine, we left the banging Number 10 Exhauster and walked directly to Cell 3 West.

Tom seemed more interested in the compound and towers to the west so we spent some time crawling over those. Literally. The spiral staircases gave an excellent view of Cell 3 West and the buildings in our vicinity.

However our brazen climbing was noticed and we were quickly rumbled.