pyestock | something old, something new

Earlier that day, the turbine hall of the Air House was warm and familiar. Once out of the dark, cold, dirty chambers, we were back in the blue tinged, airy and light turbine hall. Unexpectedly it was very noisy with lots of bangs and thuds so Marlon and I were cautious, quiet and slow.

Initially the turbine hall appeared empty but we soon spied two figures on the crane gantry. Not wanting to spoil their pictures, I took advantage of the good light to leave the turbine hall and take some more photographs of the control room. And then it struck me.

"Marlon, those two lads on the gantry are the ones we met earlier arenít they?"
He nodded.
"SoÖ who was it at the end of that dark corridor downstairs?"

Well, whoever that was didnít seem too concerned about us. I checked out the white boards in the control room. Perhaps our mystery explorer had signed in. Whilst the main board was completely covered in meaningless scribbles, another white board was still being neatly filled in. Three explorers had signed the previous Sunday but no-one else had added anything since.

ďCan you phone Tom? Tell him weíre in the Air House control room. I think itís time to move on, itís getting very crowded in here."

Tom duly reappeared grinning widely. "Dudes. Iíve just been on the roof. We should have lunch up there."