stewartby brickworks | quality is your only future

It was a cold and crisp January morning and the sun was bright and low. Our drive to the site had taken us past its western flanks where the enormous remaining chimneys pinpointed its location precisely. Huge banks of soil were piled up against the former clay pits surrounding the site and obscuring the view. It was alien and barren; a perfect hostile planet location for Blakes 7 who shot various scenes here.

Our route took us into Stewartby and we paused outside the Administration building. It was surprisingly squat and low and any architectural embellishments (such as the stone decorations on each corner of the roof) only emphasised the building’s lowly nature. The centre door was too big and "London Brick" was skewed to one side; was this proud entrance of the biggest brickworks in the world?

We turned around and retraced our steps.

Frontage of the Administration block. © Simon Cornwell 2009