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The second wing was also locked tight but Tom found a door at the end of the building which opened. We quietly slipped inside only to find ourselves standing in a toilet.

Suddenly the silence was broken as several alarms went off. Electronic beepings and warblers wailed and we stood motionless, temporarily stunned by the cacophony. Tom wondered if wed set off some form of "toilet alarm."

I peered out of the window. Lights flashed as the arms of the site's internal level crossing came down to block the road. "Its just the level crossing." I stood by the urinal with the camera pointing through the smashed window and took a shot of the train as it sped by.

Sample Panel Store (left) and First Aid (right). View west. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Train speeding across the level crossing. View north west from the toilets of the First Aid block. © Simon Cornwell 2009