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How To Make A Brick
  1. Mechanical navvies cut the Oxford Clay from deep pits.
  2. The lumps of clay are placed in crushing machines where it’s reduced to small clumps.
  3. Conveyor belts move the clay from the pits to the main works.
  4. The clay is further crushed and processed to remove impurities until it resembles a damp powder.
  5. The clay powder is mixed and tested to ensure its uniformity.
  6. Any special finishes or dies are added as required.
  7. Finally it’s placed in brickmoulds and double pressed to form an unfired brick, known as a “green brick”.
  8. The bricks are taken by further conveyor belts through the pressing sheds to be stacked by hand.
  9. The stacks are moved by forklift trucks into the kiln where they are fired for eleven days by a process called the Hoffmann principle.
  10. The fired bricks are removed by forklift trucks to stacking sheds where they are checked and strapped ready for sale.

Another northern view of Press Shed with the brick building to its east. © Simon Cornwell 2009