sleaford maltings | between a rock and a hard place

The immediate impression of the engine house was of a building designed to house, and show off, the engine. They mustíve been extremely impressed by the steam engine to build such elegant surroundings for it. The whole room felt more like an auditorium or elegant hall rather than just a simple engine house.

The engine had long been removed (itís now located in a museum) and the main hall was used to store palettes and wooden boxes.

We moved through the single storey structure towards the spiral staircase. The masonry walls included arched windows with a single bulls-eye window at the northern end. The ceiling was open, supported by metal trusses.

The base of the water tower was separated from the engine hall by four ornate pillars (two of which were embedded into the wall).

View south into the engine house. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Same view with ceiling detail. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Southern part of the engine house with spiral staircase and engine mounting block. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Looking back north along the engine house. © Simon Cornwell 2009

General view north-east across the engine house. © Simon Cornwell 2009

Detail of ground floor water tower window in the engine house. © Simon Cornwell 2009