sleaford maltings | between a rock and a hard place

Progress up the water tower was slowed by the pigeon infestation. As we curiously reached each floor, a swarm of terrified pigeons would swirl around our heads, desperately trying to find the broken windows to the outside world and safety. To an observer outside, the streams of scared birds erupting from the windows at various stages of the water tower would’ve offered a perfect avian marker of our presence and progress. It was nothing more than a feathered call: "There are people in this building!"

After the flying ambush died down and the remaining birds disappeared outside, Marlon gingerly peered up the stairs to the next level. "I think we have a problem", he solemnly announced. "I think there may be a massive wasps’ nest up there." We both listened and the silence was only broken by incessant buzzing from above.

The pause allowed me to hear another noise, barely perceivable within the tower. Slowly I moved across the floor of the water tower, not wanting to disturb any other hidden pigeons, to peer cautiously through one of the windows at the front. A van slowly moved into view, swung around, and parked next to one of the small southern buildings.

"We do have a problem", I said, "security's just parked up outside." With a wasps' nest above us, pigeon patrol below and security sitting outside, we were now stuck between a rock and a hard place.

(Note: larger sized pictures are available. E-mail me if you require them.)