walthamstow stadium | the goldilocks triumvirate: too hot

As a portfolio of derelict and decaying structures in the UK, this website was severely lacking in several subject areas. Whilst Id covered asylums (to such a depth that Id become largely associated with this building type), hospitals, industry and military installations, I had nothing from leisure or the transport sectors.

I was also aware that the age of the buildings explored tended to either be late Victorian or post-war.

Therefore the three locations selected on this unseasonably warm February day were all selected as they were of ages and types not previously explored. Walthamstow Stadium was the first; this arc-deco cathedral to "the dogs" ticked both leisure and building ages with bold confidence.

As we parked in a side street and surveyed the back of the stands towering over the suburban semis, we were also filled with confidence: surely this couldnt be a tough one to crack?

Looking east at the frontage from the trees behind Chingford Road. © Simon Cornwell 2009