walthamstow stadium | the goldilocks triumvirate: too hot

In the classic story of Goldilocks, our protagonist tries three bowls of porridge. One was too cold, one was too hot, but the last one was just right and greedily devoured by the heroine.

There’s an analogy with urban exploration. The sites we visit are in transition so timing (and a small amount of luck) is needed if an infiltration is to be successful. It’s sometimes a very fine line between desertion, dereliction and demolition. Depending on your timing then a site: could still be in use or too difficult to enter ("too hot"); a bulldozed pile of rubble ("too cold"); or a derelict ruin just ripe for exploration (“just right”). The last case is always devoured with gusto.

A recent trip to London to visit three locations resulted in three very different results, a beautiful example of The Goldilocks Triumvitre. The first site we visited was the Walthamstow Dog Track and it was definitely "too hot".

(Note: larger sized pictures are available. E-mail me if you require them.)