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By contrast, the Apprentice Training Centre (Block 4), was of the same God-awful architecture as a 1960s forward-thinking shopping centre (which themselves are all being merrily demolished). Even the font suggested the groovy swinging decade, and the fact that one of the letters was about to drop off was a lovely touch.

"I was an apprentice at Aquila '68-'72 and Andy who ran the discos must have been the guy who I shared a room with in the apprentice hostel for some of that time. One apprentice known as "Mole" was sadly paralysed in a motorcyle accident outside Chislehurst station, and the apprentices organised a number of events to raise money for him. There were several tremendous gigs in the canteen organised by a guy called Harry. He mustered a number of bands and an L.P. was made of one of the gigs. I think it was called "A Fleeting Chance".

There used to be a good sized ships radar on the roof of the apprentice school that could see some 10's of miles. It was supposed to be for apprentice training, but I don't recall it being used for that.

It's really interesting to see the buildings again on your website." - Mike