aquila | dumb procurement

The empty rooms, bright from ceiling skylights, were damp, dripping and filled with the muck of pigeons. For some reason, these rooms felt the coldest of all, probably due to the pools of black water oozing on the cold concrete.

"Thank you for taking the time to investigate the Aquila site, especially the Apprentice Centre. it does bring back many memories for many of us who "worked" there. As an ex-apprentice (1973-1977) I can assure you that the cold feeling you got was about right in physical terms, but as a friendly place to work it was wonderful."

"With 70+ apprentices in each year at that time it was also a place that was full of life and youth."

"Such details as the colour scheme appear to be unchanged from when I was there, although it was a little more derelict than I remember. The blue coloured room I believe was the rest room for our tea breaks. There was a big mechanical workshop, as well as two electronic labs, if you had gone upstairs there were the offices and a TV studio as well as class rooms!"

"The close proximity of this collection of isolated testosterone being so close to the bar was probably a mistake in hindsight, but as apprentices we took full benefit of our ability to buy cheap alcohol at lunchtime and in the evenings. Disco's parties etc. both in the bar and in the canteen ensured a very strong social element to the whole site."

"Such is the bond that many people remain close friends to this day, and there is at least 1 MSN group dedicated to gathering together old pictures etc. taken at the time."

"Thanks again for your efforts, and maybe I have added to your understanding of why this particular part of your site seems to be so popular."

Graham Penson