aquila | dumb procurement

A view from the projectionists booth to the main stage. We found the controls to operate the curtains, but that was the extent of our fun.

"[This is] my father about to give a presentation in the lecture theatre/cinema. He's the bloke standing up wearing specs and another of me at my desk. Both official MOD pictures but imagine now well cleared. No copyright problems.

The cinema/lecture theatre was pretty good, remember a wonderful talk there by blokes from US space project. I actually met Alan Shepherd (astronaut) through my job and got to see the moon landing capsule (so claustrophobic) and lumps of moon rock. Looked like coal. Awesome. We actually had a cinema club and saw all the latest films for virtually nothing. Congrants on working curtains by the way, better than Aquila staff could often offer.

My main memory of Aquila, well gripe really is being refused permission to have time off to attend the first Isle Of Wight Festival. The whole apprentice school just emptied for that. I was stuck in office typing annual reports. But did get to do the first ever Glastonbury, my then bloke actually performed there."