aquila | dumb procurement

We wondered outside and walked past a large extension on the end of the blockhouse. Puzzled at how we missed it, Dr. Bob revealed that it could only be reached via the next corridor.

"I did a MOD apprenticeship followed by years working in the newly built extension in block 1. That used to be a TEMPEST lab by the way.....we were given specialist training at GCHQ.... " - Iain.

(The TEMPEST lab was filled with a large acoustic chamber).

"TEMPEST was a UK programme of developement to protect ('harden') electronics against electromagnetic pulse effects from nuclear detonations. I used to work with an item of MSX switchgear that was housed in a TEMPEST cabinet (basically a large heavy metal box, almost like a safe). Totally useless, as maintenance meant totally dismantling the front part of the cabinet. After two or three times of this happening the PSA engineers just left the door off its hinges. Great." - Waub