aquila | dumb procurement

Whoever put them here should move them prompt said Dr. Bob. As the demolition teams were due to move in within a month, these lost boats would be shortly smashed unless claimed.

"You must have managed to miss the underground recreational lake and bomb shelter :-)

Seriously though there were frequent afternoons where we pooled our mandatory exercise time (for the week or month) into one big recreational outing with the canoes. I can't recall where exactly we went too, but it was some river that had a warning about submerged agricultural machinery" - Mark

"I recall that the apprentice association owned a number of these during my training between 1978 and 1982. They also purchased an inflatable safety boat with an outboard motor during this period, which two of the apprentices sailed up the Thames from Erith to London. Their voyage was cut short after they were apprehended by the river police for travelling after dark without navigation lights!" - Neil